Learn How To Fix These 4 Common Makeup Mishaps

Learning to put on siberian mink eyelashes extensions and playing around with different looks is fun, but we’ve all had that time where we went a little too heavy with the blush or bronzer. (http://www.dunhilllashes.com/3d mink lash vendors)

Fortunately, there are some tricks for fixing makeup mishaps without having to start all over. In this article, we will tell you how to correct some of the more common makeup mistakes.

Mistake #1: Over-Applying Your Bronzer Or Blush

siberian mink eyelashes extensions
siberian mink eyelashes extensions

If you find that you’ve applied your blush or bronzer too heavily, don’t fret; it’s an easy problem to fix.

Take your large powder brush and brush your face in large circular motions to help blend the color into your foundation. You can also apply a little liquid foundation over the color, and then blend it in the same way.

Mistake #2: Over-Applying Your Eye Liner

If you’ve applied your eye liner too much, use your finger or a fluffy brush to smudge the liner out. You may also use a bit of a lighter color shadow to blend it into a smoky look.

A good trick to help you avoid making mistakes when applying liner is to stick a piece of tape from the outside corner of your eyelid up to the end of your eyebrow. And after you’ve applied your liner, take off the tape and voila! The perfect line.

Mistake #3: You Were Bumped While Putting On Mascara, And Now It’s All Over Your Eyelid

This is no problem if you have put on a dark shadow; just use a brush to reapply a bit of shadow and blend it in.

With light colored shadow, you’ll need to use a cotton swab and siberian mink eyelashes extensions remover to clean off as much of the mascara as possible, and then reapply your shadow.

But what about those annoying little smudges of mascara under the eye? Either apply a bit of liner and smudge it out to cover the mascara, or dab concealer on over the mascara marks. Be careful not to rub the concealer, you’ll just make the smudge worse.

Mistake #4: Accidentally Went Outside Of The Lip Line While Applying Lipstick

The easiest way to fix a lipstick stain on the side of your mouth is to cover it with a small bit of concealer or foundation.

And to avoid having this happen, make sure to apply your liner first, but use it to fill in your entire lip area. You’ll have an easy to follow outline that will help you keep the color where it belongs.

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siberian mink eyelashes extensions
siberian mink eyelashes extensions

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