Try These Handy Airbrush Tips for Great Looking Makeup

Hollywood private label 3d mink eyelashes artists have been using airbrush techniques for several decades but within the past few years that technology has finally found its way into the private sector. ( eyelash vendors wholesale) When properly applied, most experts agree that airbrushing provides the most consistent results with coverage that is virtually flawless.

private label 3d mink eyelashes
private label 3d mink eyelashes

Beginners will need to purchase a reliable system like the Temptu Airbrush Kits. This kit includes a basic system and can be equipped with various pods designed to apply blush, highlighter and foundation. The kit can be customized for your specific skin tone and there are moisturizers and smoothing compounds that will keep your complexion looking youthful and fresh.

There are several handy airbrush tips that will help you get the most out of your private label 3d mink eyelashes system and the products that you choose to use.

– Always start with equipment that is completely clean. This includes checking the nozzle carefully for dust and debris.

– For dry or normal skin, clean and moisturize the face before you begin. Toner instead of moisturizer can be used on oily skin.

– The applicator should be held between six and ten inches from the face but be sure to read the instructions that come with the airbrush system you own.

– The applicator should be moved from one side of the face to the other at a brisk and steady pace. This will apply the private label 3d mink eyelashes in a smooth layer.

– For some people it is easier to keep the applicator stationary and move the face instead.

– Getting this technique down will take practice but the results will be worth the effort.


private label 3d mink eyelashes
private label 3d mink eyelashes

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