How to Put on Emo Makeup – Add the Punk Personality

Most parents and the older people get a shock when they hear everyone talking about how to put on Emo makeup. ( lash vendor) This is actually a sort of a lifestyle that people adopt. It has so much that adds to it like dressing, music etc. This is not only for women as men can also dress in the Emo style. Well, why is it so loud? This is because the Emo personality has it that they are shy and this is why they dress differently and wear different mink strip lashes to catch attention. How to put on Emo makeup is in the air, because a lot of us like it.

mink strip lashes
mink strip lashes

If you want to know how to put on Emo makeup you have to understand that it is the eyes that are made different and attractive in this style. It is always considered a good practice to actually start by applying moisturizer after cleansing and then the foundation. This will give you skin a matte effect. There are several creams that are available which gives this matte effect to your skin.

To learn how to put on Emo mink strip lashes, remember to apply eye shadow to your upper eye lids completely. This style incorporates dark shades such as black or eve bright shades are accepted. This needs to be followed with putting eyeliner to the bottom and top lashes. It is best to apply the liner continuously starting from either directions and this needs to be done many times to get the desired effect. You need to do the same for the top lashes too.

When you are using eyeliners the only thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to get the lines to meet at the corner of your eye and slant it upwards towards your temple. Make this prominent.

Once you are done with the eyeliners the only thing that is remaining in learning how to put on Emo makeup is to use mascara. This needs to be black on both the upper and the lower lashes. To add a little more drama, you can use fake lashes too.

You need to keep in mind that this sort of makeup only gives prominence to the eyes. So refrain from using thick shades of lipstick. Only when you use an almost nude lip gloss will you be able to bring out the effect.

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mink strip lashes
mink strip lashes

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