6 Major Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women

There are certain factors that cause the loss of hair in men and women. Some of the eyelashes package with 3d mink are:

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  • fkhair : The drugs use to treat a cancer patient are designed to attack fast growing cells including the hair follicles and its roots. This means that hair loss during chemotherapy is not limited only to the scalp but also hair from under arms, legs and pubic area. Even the eyebrows and eyelashes package with 3d mink of the patients are affected during chemotherapy. There are no known treatments for hair loss in this situation. Most people put ice pack on the scalp to lower down the circulation of blood, which they believe might slow down the process of losing hair. This may be helpful but people often find it cold and uncomfortable and not worth the risk of another cancer recurring in the scalp region. After the last chemotherapy treatment, hair loss may continue as much as a month and the hair falls rapidly or gradually depending on the condition of the patient.
  • Hormonal imbalance: Many women notice hair loss 3 months after the delivery of baby. This is related to hormone as high level of certain hormones during pregnancy cause the body to keep the hair that would normally fall out. This hair starts falling after the level of hormone decreases.
  • Infections: Certain bacterial or fungal infections can cause hair loss both in men and women. This type of infections is usually found in children. It is easily curable by treating it with anti fungal and anti bacterial medicines.
  • Biotin deficiency: One of the major causes of hair loss is biotin deficiency. Biotin is an element, which is needed by our hair to maintain its strength and growth. Due to biotin deficiency, the hair in our body weakens and looks fragile which results in falling off. It can be cured by taking biotin either in the form of food or as a dietary supplement. Two of the food that contains maximum amount of biotin is liver and egg yolk.
  • Hereditary: This type of hair loss is known aselashes package with 3d mink. A variety of genetic and environmental factors are responsible for the cause ofeyelashes package with 3d mink. Most researchers believed that several genes inherited from the parents are the cause of eyelashes package with 3d mink .
  • Excessive pulling: Excessive pulling of hair for styling or other purposes is also a cause of hair loss.
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