Makeup Tips For the Bride

One of the most important days in a woman’s life is her wedding day. ( lash vendors wholesale) It’s a day where you want to look perfect. The proper custom eyelash packaging can make a huge difference in your appearance and make you turn heads.

You have two choices when it comes to your wedding day. You can either hire a professional for several hundred dollars to come and do your makeup for you or you can do it yourself. For some people it is necessary to do your own custom eyelash packaging, and these tips will help you to ensure your makeup looks fantastic and you look radiant as the bride.

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

As the makeup is such an important part of the wedding day and how good you look, you really need to start practising some time before the wedding. This will give you time to experiment with different type and styles of makeup and get it right. Make sure you keep notes of what you do so that you can repeat it in the future. Many larger stores will provide you with samples of makeup which you can use to test out your custom eyelash packaging.

Firstly, you need to consider your foundation. Make sure your foundation matches your facial skin color. A foundation that is too bright or too light will make you look washed out. Too dark and you will look peculiar.

Once you have got the right color foundation then you need to clean your face with a damp cloth to remove dust particles. Then gently apply the foundation without rubbing too hard. This gentle application will ensure a smooth, uniform application on the skin. If there are any dark spokes on your face, use a concealer to hide them or any blemishes or pimples. Try not too over use concealers as it can make that part of your skin look more prominent.

When it comes to eyeliner, a lighter color is generally much better if you have a light colored dress. Liquid eyeliner is better than a pen based eyeliner because it will make your eyes stand out more.

If your foundation is light then you can use a lighter color for the eyelid base as it will help blend the skin tone.

To get the best appearance make sure your lipstick and lip gloss match the dress. If your wedding dress is white then a red lipstick is preferred. Matching the lipstick and color scheme of the dress will really make you look custom eyelash packaging.

custom eyelash packaging
custom eyelash packaging

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