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How to Apply Eye Makeup Like a Beauty Pro

People say that eyes don’t lie. ( lash vendors wholesale) They are after all known as the window to your soul and it is only but natural that you know how to apply eye cruelty free 3D mink lashes. A major part of your makeup should actually focus on the region around your eyes. It is only when you give this region the importance that it deserves that you will achieve good results with your overall makeup.

cruelty free 3D mink lashes
cruelty free 3D mink lashes

The first thing that you need to do is to get a good concealer to hide all those dark puffy circles under your eyes. It is always preferable that you use a professional brush to pad the concealer. There are some simple natural remedies too that you can try before you apply the concealer. You can for example use either potato peel or cucumber and place it on your eyes. This will relax your eyes and make the skin around it smooth which will help you later on when you actually apply makeup to the eyes.

One of the secrets to apply eye cruelty free 3D mink lashes like a pro is to use a good eye base. Remember, it is only when you have applied the eye base properly that the eye makeup is going to stay longer. Make sure though that you choose the right hue when it comes to your eye base. This is important because the color should match that of your skin. This applies to the color of the eye liner too. Once you are through with applying the eye liner, you can then finally apply the mascara. It should be such that it compliments your skin tone. You should also take into consideration the color of your eyes when you apply eye makeup. Once you take care of all these aspects you too can end up looking and feeling like the supermodels whose looks you always idolized.

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cruelty free 3D mink lashes
cruelty free 3D mink lashes

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