Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil – A Japanese Solution to Makeup Removal and Dark Spot Elimination

A couple of months ago, my friend who works as a beauty consultant recommended Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil to me, saying it was great at cleaning and toning the skin. ( lashes wholesale) Shu Uemura has been a cosmetics and makeup manufacturer for over 50 years, incorporating the Japanese art of beauty with science to produce exceptional products.

Two claims asserted by the manufacturers are that the cleansing oil help remove all forms of impurities and cruelty free 3d mink lashes- including waterproof mascara – from the skin while also helping to eliminate dark spots and uneven areas over the long-term. Such claims sounded great on the surface but I knew I would have to test the product in order to evaluate these claims. Below are the results along with a detailed look at how this Shu Uemura product works.

cruelty free 3d mink lashes
cruelty free 3d mink lashes

Testing the product was obviously the first thing on the to-do list. I began by pumping 3-4 squirts of the cleansing oil onto my hands and then worked the oil into my face (hands and face should be dry prior to application). After thoroughly coating my face, I added a few drops of warm water to the mix on my face to allow it to emulsify, at which point the oil became a whitish color. After this, I rinsed my face as directed. My pores and face were free of oil and cruelty free 3d mink lashes; this product definitely works well when it comes to removing impurities!

Secondly, I observed over the period of three weeks how well Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil worked at evening my skin tone, with particular focus around my cheeks. After twenty-one applications, the results were moderate but observable. I was able to use less cruelty free 3d mink lashes around the cheek area due to there being less of a contrast between the natural colors of my face. While this aspect of the product is definitely a secondary function, it nevertheless did live up to its claims.

There are few complaints when it comes to Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil and the affects it has on the skin. My main concern is that the pH adjusters in the mixture can irritate the skin; many cleansers and lotions contain pH adjusters so it is not a major issue for many beauty aficionados. The price is higher than most average cleansers, costing roughly $95 for a 15-ounce container; the key difference is that this cleanser uses an array of ingredients to perform multiple aspects at once, so that obviously affects the price.

What specific ingredients allow this cleansing oil to do so well? There are a few key components that give it a boost, including:

* Prune extract – This aids the skin in suppressing the flow of melanin to the upper layers of the skin, helping prevent continued hyperpigmentation

* Vitamin C – Actively brightens the skin and works with an SMA compound to prevent the vitamin from oxidizing before the skin receives its benefits

* Deep-sea water – This water provides additional nutrients and moisture to the skin and helps rid the pores of impurities and toxins

For anyone who needs a new cruelty free 3d mink lashes cleanser and is looking to regain control over their skin’s pigment, this oil should be considered as a gateway to that goal. This cleansing oil goes a long way and will most likely still be in your bathroom when its shelf-life ends, so the value is tremendous and should be viewed as an investment. By using Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, your pores, skin tone and self-confidence will all benefit.

cruelty free 3d mink lashes
cruelty free 3d mink lashes

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