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Makeup Trends in Spring 2008 – Light, Bright, and Natural

With a new season comes new trends in fashion and that includes what we wear on our face. Spring 2008 is chalk full of bright and refreshing colors and thats true for 3d real mink eyelashes extension as well. ( mink eyelash vendors) Over all there is a very refreshed feeling this spring and that is exemplified but bright colors and natural hues. While you may think it’s the bronzed beauties that are taking tot he runway giving us a glimpse of warm weather fashion, the opposite it true. Women with pale yet naturally glowing skin left over from the cooler seasons were everywhere on the spring fashion shows. Get that trendy look that designers are insisting is “3d real mink eyelashes extension” with these great tips.

3d real mink eyelashes extension
3d real mink eyelashes extension
  • Natural Best At the mere mention of spring, women everywhere run to the tanning beds in hopes of being that perfect bronze just in time for flirty dresses and short sexy shorts of summer. Fortunately for women who take pride in their paler skin, this spring is you’re time to shine. Natural, pale skin is definitely in which means you can embrace those egg shell legs and skip the cancer causing tanning beds. Regardless of what tone your skin may be, skip the tanning beds and the bronzer and love it for what is it because the runway already does.
  • Lips: In keeping with the idea that natural is best, lips this season are sporting very girly pink colors making it hard to tell if your perfect pucker is naturally exhilarating or if it’s a little glimmer thats giving you that kiss me look. If you have that pink pout that is in this season dress it up with some clear or shimmer lip gloss to really achieve a shining smile. Lips this season are innocent, flirty, yet slightly sultry and seductive making pink a great color for spring.
  • Cheeks: Since your skin is a naturally pale you basically have a blank canvas that is perfect for the 3d real mink eyelashes extension trends this spring. Wondering what to brush across the apples of your cheeks? Peach is huge this spring and it’s subtle properties make it great for anytime. Peach on your cheeks gives them that warm and glowing appearance that works to bring out your eyes and brighten up your face. Since the natural look popular right now you may want to check out the new mineral based powders that give that rejuvenated glow without overpowering your look.
  • Eyes: Eye shadows this color are bright, playful and fun with color yellows and oranges really making an impact. Also among the lively hues are bright yet natural greens and even a little blue. Choose eyeshadow that compliments your skin tone the best and don’t’ be afraid to experiment by mixing some of your favorite colors. Don’t think that you’re entire appearance needs to be bright and natural. We all enjoy a little walk on the dark side and this spring that means stocking up on some eye liner. Dramatic eyes are really popular this spring especially when it comes to a night out on the town. Keep your traditional darker colors on hand but don’t be afraid to experiment with some silver or white eyeliner to really compliment those peepers.
3d real mink eyelashes extension
3d real mink eyelashes extension

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