Get Lusciously Pouty Lips With These Easy To Follow Lip Makeup Tips

Want those lusciously pouty lips that will make others stand up and take notice? ( mink lashes) If yes, then this article will be your complete guide to beautiful lips. The perfect shade of lipstick can add an oomph factor to your otherwise plain look. Maintain your pout in perfect condition with these 3d private label mink eyelashes  to follow tips.

Lip protection

Few people are aware of the fact that, unlike the other parts of our body, lips do not have any oil glands and thus, solely depend on external sources for moisturization. Lips are prone to getting dry, chapped and flaky, which is not only unattractive to the extreme, but can also turn your lip 3d private label mink eyelashes into a mess. If you want supple, smooth and full lips, an endless array of beauty products is not the way to go.

3d private label mink eyelashes
3d private label mink eyelashes

Constant maintenance is of utmost importance here. Start by keeping your system hydrated. Optimum dose of H2O can work wonders in flushing out toxins, improving blood circulation and giving you luminous glow inside out. Remove dead skin every morning by gently exfoliating your lips in circular motion with soft towels or the smooth bristles of your toothbrush. A formulation of sugar with olive oil also makes for an excellent exfoliator. Just like our skin, your lips too need protection against harmful UV rays. Before stepping out of your home, prep your lips with SPF formulated fruity lip balms that will not only make your lips look glossy and full, but also smell incredible.

Define lips shape

A time-tested way to augment the natural beauty of your lips is with lip liner. Lip liner serves the dual purpose of defining natural contours of your lips and preventing the lipstick colour from bleeding. Select a lip liner that is a close match to your lipstick shade. For fuller looking lips, draw the lip liner outside the natural line of the lips. Similarly for thinner looking lips, draw the lip liner on the inner side of the normal lip line.

Choose a lipstick shade that compliments your skin tone. The colour of your lipstick can add a great spin to your look. If you have slightly dark to olive skin tone, go for earthy shades like brown, coral, or even bright red that will compliment your natural beauty. For brunettes or red heads, brick brown red is always a better choice. Similarly, people with pale skin should go for sheer lipsticks or coral tones.

Did you know that your lipstick could keep you in chirpy and happy mood all day long? If you are running short on time early in the morning, with not a moment to spare for 3d private label mink eyelashes, try going without makeup for a change. Just add a dash of brightest colour lipstick you own, like pure red or bright pinks, which is sure to make heads turn.

Tone down your lip colour

If you are worried that your lipstick is too bright and you will end up looking gaudy rather than classy, tone it down by applying a neutral colour to the lips. The trick here is to apply foundation to the lips before actually applying any lip makeup. The foundation will help neutralise the natural tone of the lips and will make the colour last longer. For smooth finishing, use a tiny brush to spread the colour evenly on the lips.

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3d private label mink eyelashes
3d private label mink eyelashes

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