Makeup Forever – HD Micro Perfecting Primer Review

I have never been huge on primers for the face; well actually I used to think they were just a 3D mink lashes custom of time and money because I thought that they really didn’t do much. ( lashes vendors)

The first primer that was brought to my attention was from Smashbox. It had been in the 3D mink lashes custom world media buzz a while back and it sounded pretty interesting. I decided to go to Sephora to check it out- I tested the product on my hand and it was not want I had expected. It felt a bit thick to me, seemed a bit pore clogging and after rubbing it around on my hand it wadded up and rolled off my skin. You would have thought that I would have not purchased after that……….but I did!! I had to test drive it. Long story short it sucked! Clogged my pores and it really didn’t do much to make me happy with it.

3D mink lashes custom
3D mink lashes custom

I went years…approx 4yrs before anyone could convince me to try another primer. It took a great 3D mink lashes custom artist at The Bay at a Makeup Forever counter to change my mind.

I somehow got convinced to try Makeup Forever’s Primer: HD Microperfecting. I tried it on my hand and it felt great- just like a lotion, oil free, and no strange scent! My makeup budget had instantly increased that day and I included it in my purchase.

How did it do?
Amazing! It applies just like a lotion, doesn’t feel like you are applying a silicon coating. Makeup looks great – nice and smooth and radiant and it lasts all day! Just like a eyelid primer, HD Microperfecting Primer fights against foundation creasing in fine lines on the face.

My suggestions with this product:

I do not wear it every day, only days when I need my 3D mink lashes custom to last into the night, or when I am going to be outside and get hot. I really do not think that you will need to use it in the winter or in very dry climates because it does seem to prohibit quite a lot of natural oil production. It also doesn’t seem to work as well if you put a moisturizer on before, for best results I suggest applying it to freshly cleansed skin than follow with foundation.

Make sure that you properly cleanse the face after you use it because product build up can lead to irritation and pore clogging. I usually cleanse, scrub and then tone when I use this product. After you wash your face run your hands over it gently to feel for residue or a texture change- It is important to get it all off.

I used the neutral colourless bottle of this product- it also comes in other colour correcting tints. I haven’t tried any of the tinted ones so I am not sure how well they accomplish their claims- but since the neutral one is so great it might be worth a try.

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3D mink lashes custom
3D mink lashes custom

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